Dr. John Manzella – Be Inspired and Awaken the Entrepreneur in You

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Become a successful entrepreneur by learning from the best in the field like Dr John Manzella. Make market research, digital marketing and branding opportunities your basis for a sustainable financial growth. Entrepreneurship is about pursuing ideas, solving problems and informing the world around you. It’s about growing a business from your intuition and passion.

It is the act of starting a business, or identifying a good idea for a business and running it. Often, this involves risk – as with any investment in your career. But if you crush it as an entrepreneur, there’s no better feeling on Earth. What sets entrepreneurs apart is the willingness — and ability — to take risks to transform an idea into reality. Entrepreneurship requires more than just making money. It requires an understanding of business models, marketing, customer research and a drive to succeed.

Turning Dreams to Reality

Entrepreneurship is a state of mind, a way of doing business and a way of life. A whole generation of entrepreneurs has emerged as the digital revolution has allowed them to build and sell their own products, services and startups. Their stories are inspirational, but what sets them apart from many others is how they dream big, take the plunge and create their own jobs.

It is the act of starting and operating a business, which can be done either by working for someone else or as an independent contractor. It is the innovative process of designing, launching, and running a new business, which creates value for customers and other stakeholders. Entrepreneurs like Dr John Manzella are risk-takers who seek out opportunities to innovate.

It is the ability to identify and seize opportunities and translate them into viable business ideas. It requires an understanding of markets, operations, and governance that can only be obtained from experience working in different companies and industries. Get the back-to-school supplies you need and start learning about business in today’s economy.

Risk-Takers are Successful Entrepreneurs

When it comes to entrepreneurship, you have more options than you think. There are many industries and verticals to explore, and no one path will work for everyone. The best way to choose the right one for you is by researching and trying out different things.

It means taking advantage of opportunities and making something out of nothing. Entrepreneurs are creative and opportunistic. They start businesses when they see a problem, an opportunity, or some other reason to do so. Entrepreneurship is the spirit of innovation, the passion for finding new solutions to old problems. Entrepreneurs are constantly working to create new business models, hoping that their idea will create value for others.

Entrepreneurship involves processes like identifying opportunities, generating ideas for new products, creating a business plan and finding sources of funding (or bootstrapping) for the venture. It is the spirit of “you are your own boss” at its most basic level. But there’s more to it than that: entrepreneurship is all about taking risks, doing research and putting yourself out there when others have not yet seen the potential in a business idea. It’s about building something new and (hopefully) better.

The Entrepreneurship program is designed for students who aspire to be modern-day entrepreneurs. In this program, you will learn about organizational behavior and human resources, leadership and management—skills that are essential for any entrepreneur. By taking this course, you can gain preparation and confidence to start your own business.