Four Proven Ways of Enhancing Trichome Production

Sometimes using the best nutrients and following a thorough watering cycle can only take you so far. In order to grow a trichome-covered plant, you need to take a few drastic steps. 

And we know that every grower wants to produce high-quality buds in heavy quantities. And since trichomes on cannabis indicate a healthy and potent plant, every grower wants to ensure his/her harvest is filled with them. 

Even though trichomes do not necessarily signal successful crops, they are vital for producing top-shelf buds. 

So, here are four proven ways to enhance the trichome production of your next batch.

1- Lighting: Lighting plays a vital role in the cannabis plant’s growth, even trichome production. Besides providing energy to drive metabolism and cellular function, light helps in developing huge trichome concentrations, therefore resin. 

It is seen that plants growing near the equator tends to produce more resin compared to other outdoor locations. This is because excess UV light can harm the plant tissues, and in order to protect themselves, they end up producing more trichomes. 

So, consider using anything from LEC lights to UV lights to enhance the trichome production. 

2- Humidity and heat: Cannabis plants tend to produce resins as a survival mechanism. Besides defending the plant against pests and predators, resins can help the plants from adverse weather, too. 

So, by manifesting an optimal amount of stress, you can enhance resin production without hurting the development stage of bulk green crack seeds.

3- Supplement: Cannabis tends to thrive in good-quality potting soil. But, to take the trichome production to the next level, there are various supplements you can add to the growing medium. 

Using the following substances can enhance the root health, leverage yields and even increase the mushroom-shaped glands. 

  • Lactic acid supplement (LAB)
  • Molasses
  • Amino acids

4- Plant training: As we read above, the right amount of stress to the cannabis plant can result in it activating its survival mechanism. Similar to how environmental factors can induce stress, even physical training can do so. 

  • Opt for super cropping by pinching and partially breaking the branches to redirect the branch.
  • When training, ensure to avoid touching the buds because these precious gems can fall off easily.
  • Opt for cold flushing your buds during the late flowering phase for that optimal induced stress. 

Wrapping up

There you have it. Taking care of these four aspects is enough to ensure your bulk green crack seedsgrow into trichome-covered, top-shelf marijuana buds.