Setting Up a Workplace Commercial Fitness Center for Employee Groups

A fitness center equipped with commercial fitness equipment is a great addition to any company or employee center. It provides a safe and convenient environment where employees can get in shape and help maintain their health. Onsite fitness centers in the workplace demonstrate a commitment to employee health and wellbeing, which can lead to improvements in employee morale and productivity. With rising costs in healthcare, healthy employees are also important to maintaining a company’s bottom line.

In putting together a commercial fitness center for employees, consideration should be given to the following things:

What will be the frequency of use?

Fitness centers with high traffic will require high quality, heavier duty commercial fitness equipment in order to hold up to repeated constant use.

What is the space available?

If the space is tight, it is best to look for compact machines that allow users to perform multiple exercises on a single machine.

What is the fitness level of the users?

Beginner exercisers will want simple to use equipment, while more advanced exercisers will want more specialized equipment or fitness items that are new on the market. If the employees are predominantly new to exercise, consider bringing in a personal trainer on occasion to show employees how to use the equipment. If there is a particular time of day that is popular for exercising, consider scheduling fitness classes. This will help improve efficiency in the gym, plus also make exercising more fun for the participants!

What is the budget?

It is possible to develop a quality fitness center on a tight budget, but it is important to not skimp on equipment quality. A lot of cheaper fitness equipment designed for single users in a home environment will not hold up in a heavier, multi-use environment. Be certain to look for commercial grade fitness equipment when designing a gym for multiple users.

There are basically two types of equipment typically found in a commercial fitness center: cardiovascular equipment and strength training equipment. Some facilities also have areas dedicated to stretching and yoga with exercise mats, exercise balls, and gym mirrors. Below is a sampling of fitness equipment typically found in an employee fitness center.