The Different Types of Personal Dental Insurance

Everyone in the world needs dental care, but unfortunately not everyone has the money to afford to go to the dentist. Thankfully there is personal dental insurance that is available to everyone at a very low cost. Whether you are choosing individual dental plans, personal dental insurance, private plans or you are looking for low cost dental plans for your business, you need to know the different types of insurance plans that are available to you.

Typically there are two major types of dental plans available. The first is the indemnity dental plan and the second is the managed care plan. Whether you select individual dental indemnity insurance or you are choosing a managed dental insurance remains largely a personal decision so you need to make sure you are informed about which one is best for you.

Dental indemnity insurance is for those individuals who want a dental care plan that allows you to choose which dentist you want to go to and which kind of dental care you want to receive. These affordable dental plans are fee for service dental plans in which you pay for the dental service upfront and then file claims that allow you to get reimbursed. In some cases you will receive full insurance that pays for the cost of everything including orthodontic work with only a small deductible or you the personal insurance plan may only pay part of the services you receive which may only include the basic dental costs associated with normal dental care such as cleanings. This type of personal insurance will all come down to what type of agreement you have with your dental provider.

Managed dental care plans may be referred to as PPO dental insurance, HMO insurance or POS dental insurance. These types of dental plan insurance are low cost dental plans in which you select your dentist out of a list of providers that are listed in the PPO, POS or HMO program. You will not have to pay for your dental visits up front; rather you will pay a small deductible or fee and the insurance will pay for the rest as part of a discounted service for choosing that plan.

The PPO dental insurance uses a specific group of dentists that are part of an overall network. If you use those dentists you will have a lower cost than if you go “out of network.” HMO insurance is considered to be a cheaper insurance because you go to dentists only within the network who again offer discounts to that type of individual dental coverage. In the case of HMO dental insurance you will not be covered if you go out of network. Finally you have the POS insurance which gives you a broader choice of which dentist you want to see and also gives you the flexibility to change your mind at any point and as long as they are in the dental insurance plan you will be covered.

When you compare personal insurance take the time to figure out which dental plan best suits your needs so that you can