The Secret of Beauty

There is something about a woman that can make a head turn, a smile appear, a spark fly, and dreams come true. A woman is many things but there is something that a woman can have that can make all the difference, it is what makes a woman truly beautiful. And it is not beauty itself. A woman can have the best haircut, all the right clothes, money, popularity, sex appeal…she can have all those things and never be truly beautiful. And women want to be beautiful. As little girls growing up that’s all we ever wanted to be- beautiful, captivating, loved. So what is it that sets a woman apart from all the rest if it’s not good looks or a perfect body or all the cosmetic surgery that money can buy?

What makes a woman truly beautiful is her spirit. That sense of purpose and passion that says she knows she has something worth living for. That is true beauty, true strength, true sex appeal, true confidence all wrapped up into one little word. It sounds absurd at first but if you really think about it you can see how it makes perfect sense. Look at every movie you have ever seen, consider every book you have ever read, from queens, sorceresses, witches, and modern day fiction characters, or even real women for that matter. Every single one of them looks different, has different features, some blonde, others brunette, or maybe even a fiery red head with freckles that dot her nose. Look at Anne from Anne of Green Gables, or Lady Guinevere of Arthur and the Round Table, or Arwyn from Lord of the Rings. All those women look completely different, have different personalities, but are all true beauties in their own way, women we look up to, and it isn’t because of their looks, their bodies, or their money. It’s not even their stories. It’s their pure uninhibited passion and spirit, because without it, their stories wouldn’t have been much of anything to tell.

People aren’t interested in plastic or fake because that is boring, dull, and too common. Whether you are sweet, fiery, or bold in spirit, no matter how your passion plays out in your life, the very presence of it is what makes you magnetic, captivating, and one in a million. That is the secret to a beauty that no one can replicate, alter, or strip away. A beauty that is more than skin deep and makes every precious feature that God gave you come alive in a unique and utter radiation. Your spirit is what makes you glow. Whether that glow is warm, soft, and gentle, or bold and daring, it is the most beautiful thing in the world.
It’s not about the clothes you wear, the color of your hair, or the body type you have. What makes a woman beautiful is the passion she has for life, for people, for love. What is it that you love about your favorite heroine? Why is it that she gets her prince, is part of an adventure, and is a wanted woman by all? It’s not because she was the fairest one of them all. It’s because there was something about her that made everyone attracted to her and not in a physical way. After all, physical beauty and attraction only gets you so far, and it’s never far enough.