Today’s Fad Diets

Every January millions of people embark on a new beginning to a better body through fad diets. The funny thing is, deep down they know it’s a fad diet, yet they get all psyched up to follow the strict regimen only to fall off the wagon weeks later. Remember this acronym for DIET; Deliberately Identified as an Eating Trend. Diets are trends, most of which are too hard to be followed for an extended period of time. However, if you view the diet as a trend with the only hope of learning some new information, you will not have to hop on and off the wagon with your expectations and psyche being damaged. Here are some tips for finding a fad diet that has real value.

Investigate the author.

Look for a fad diet that has been written by an authority in the field of nutrition, medicine, exercise or culinary arts. A majority of these professionals have worked in the trenches with people and have knowledge of what works and what doesn’t it. Also, there is a higher likelihood that their information is supported by science. Stay away from celebrity diets, diets written by stay at home moms, or a diet that your neighbor suggests because she had success with it.

What’s the diet about?

If you are looking or a fad diet to lose weight, make sure that’s the diet’s only purpose. Some are designed to cleanse the body such as the liver cleanse diet. There are other diets designed to cleanse your gastrointestinal tract or to relieve food allergies/sensitivities and others for curing a particular health problem. If you want to lose weight make sure the program’s focus is to help people lose weight.

Avoid extreme diets.

Some fad diets are so extreme they can cause a major disruption in your biochemistry and make you ill. Remember, a lot of these fad diets are experiments and you don’t want to be an experiment, do you? Look out for programs that are not balanced. For example, avoid the all fruit diet, the all liquid diet, or an all vegetarian diet if you currently eat meat products, or a diet based on all grains. Any drastic and sudden changes in biochemistry can make you sick, especially if you have medical issues.