Top 8 Tips to Stick to Your Low Calorie Diet

There are several ways to lose weight. The way to get permanent results is to make some changes in your lifestyle. However, many people want to lose weight as fast as they can, so they go for a short low calorie diet. The low calorie diets are great for losing a bit of weight quickly when needed, for example to fit into a dress. The low calorie diets give good short-term results (unfortunately the longer term results are usually quite disappointing if the eating habits stay the same as they were before the diet), but they are tough to follow due to the constant nagging feeling of hunger. If you have ever tried a fast diet, you know what I am talking about. This is why so many people fail in their attempts to go through a diet, no matter how short.

Here you can find eight tips to help you fight the hunger during a short low calorie diet and lose the weight you wanted to.

1. Choose a diet plan you like
The idea behind most of the low calorie diets is the same, so it does not really matter which diet plan you choose. So, pick the one which has the foods you like. If you hate cabbage, it does not make much sense to try to stay on the cabbage soup diet for a week.

2. Figure out the best time to diet
The holiday season, a lot of stress at work or special occasions make it harder to follow your diet. Look at your agenda and choose a time period when there is not much happening. The diets I am talking about here are relatively short, so it should not be too complicated to find a suitable time.

3. Believe in yourself
If you doubt your ability to go through the whole diet without relapses, you will set yourself up for failure. If you think you will most likely end up eating candy during the diet anyway, you might as well not do it at all since a thought like that is almost like permitting yourself to break the diet. Instead take a positive approach towards the dieting period and say to yourself: “I am going to be able to follow the diet and therefore will lose the weight I wanted to”. You can even write this thought on a post-it and place it somewhere where you can see it every day.

4. Get ready for possible difficulties
Take a moment to think about the challenges you will face during the diet. What is your biggest problem when it comes to dieting? Will you have to face difficult situations during the diet? Now, think about how you will solve the problem or what will you do in the situation if it arises. It is much easier to stick to your diet if you have a well-thought strategy for dealing with the problem.

5. Do not test your willpower unnecessarily
It is easier to stick to your diet, if you get