What Do Men and Women Consider Beautiful?

Every person in the world has a different opinion on what is beautiful but there are certain beautiful people, objects or places that just stand out as being classically pleasing to the eye. The classic beauty of women through the different periods in time has been captured on canvass by artists. Photographers have become famous with their shots of the beautiful people they have caught on camera. In today’s technologically advanced world the mobile phone can photograph or video people and send the images all over the globe in a matter of minutes sharing their visions with friends and family whenever they please.

Throughout the ages men and women have been influenced by fashion and trends as to what is considered to be beautiful. A photographer will tell you that a person with a symmetrical face is indeed beautiful whereas a painter will capture the spirit of their models and tell you that this is what is beautiful about the person.

We all have our own interpretation of what we consider beautiful but it is influenced by outside forces such as the media and the current A list celebrities. Fashion designers convince us that their new designs are beautiful and if we wear them we in turn will be considered beautiful. Super thin models urge us to emulate them so that we too can be thinner and therefore more beautiful. But is this really true?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so it does not matter what shape you are, what style or colour your hair is or how your features have been placed on your face by nature. Beauty comes from within and if you feel good inside then this will shine outwardly for the rest of the world to see and appreciate.

It is hard in this hectic fast moving world to let our own thoughts rule how we perceive things and many people turn their backs on society for this reason. They prefer to go back to basics and avoid the mayhem and celebrity media that is all around them. They find their own little retreats away from the rush. The rich and famous vanish to their retreats away from the prying eyes of the press and the media and it is understandable that they want to do this as often as they can.